Holy Cow!

MOOOO-ve over! There's a new print in town.

Source & Photos: Stockholm Streetstyle


Weekend Casual

Kick off your heels. Untuck that shirt. Don't fuss over your hair.
It's the weekend!!!

Source & Photos: Vogue Spain

Upper Cut

Showing a little upper ribcage and still looking classy and chic.


Style Inspiration: Astrid Berges

That jacket. The purse. The shoes. I WANT this outfit.

Source & Photos: Vogue Italia

Denim Jacket

A closet staple and useful layering piece for this in-between weather we've been having.
During my Punky Brewster days, I used to go all out and bedazzle my denim jacket with various pins, studs and glitter.
More modernized versions are popping up on the streets, with studs, spikes, rips and tears. 
Although simple and classic (as rocked above by Miss Mixmaster, Jenna Lyons) will never go out of style. 


Fab in Foil

I just might test this look at home with aluminum foil...

Source & Photos: Elle UK, Tommy Ton Style.comStockholm StreetstyleGrazia UK


Spot On

From the streets to the red carpet, we've been seeing spots! In colour or classic black in white, polka dots are a casual staple. 
Connect the dots...la-la-la....


Spotted: The Newest Accessory

It's not a necklace. Or a bracelet. Or even a new pair of earrings. And nope, it's not a purse.
Why it's a camera of course! DSLR's have been spotted around many necks, shoulders, arms and wrists.
You don't have to be afraid of looking like a tourist anymore. Everyone's doing it.

Source & Photos: Stockholm Streetstyle, Tommy Ton for Jak and Jil and Style.com

Looks like Spring!

Giorgia Tordini around Milan in Diesel's new Getlegg jeans from the "Fit Your Attitude" collection. 
While the shoot is focused around the jeans, I can't get enough of those shoes!

Source & Photos: Rossella Malaguarnera, Photos - Tamu McPherson, Grazia Italia