Zara {June Lookbook}

Simple and clean pieces. A few basic prints. A splash of red...And some studs.
I'll take it all.

Source & Photos: Zara


It's always nice to have a little room....


Ankle Cleavage

These ankle grazers show just a hint of flesh (and a whole lot of shoe). No hemming required.

Source & Photos: Vogue Spain

Gold Rush

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocks some gold glimmer in April's issue of Vogue Brazil. 
Note to self: Buy some self tanner asap!

Source & Photos: Vogue Brazil



Kate Moss in June's issue of Harpers Bazaar.
Can't wait to hit the beach...Is it the weekend yet???

Source & Photos: Photography Terry Richardson, Editor Andrew Richardson, Harpers Bazaar


Rocker vs. Romantic

Kristen in Balenciaga or Kirsten in Dolce & Gabbana? That's a toughie...

Source & Photos: Grazia UKBohomothEstilos de Moda, Cannes Film Festival


Spotted: At the Cannes Film Festival

It's all about what star is wearing what dress....Oh, and the films too...

Source & Photos: Vogue UKTelegraph UK Fashion