Inspired by : Airport Style

During the last 4 weeks, I've been to a lot of airports, which has got me thinking of what to wear when travelling.  I try to find a good balance between comfort and style.  Layering for unpredictable plane temperatures, cute shoes that can be easily removed to go through airport security, and pants that are not too restricting...It's a lot to consider.

Model Miranda Kerr has mastered the art of putting together effortless travel looks, even with baby in tow.  She maintains practicality and style with each of her outfits.  

I am particularly obsessed with her Aussie Flint Hasta Luego sunnies, which so far I can only find on Australian websites eyestyle.com.au and thebunkerboutique.com for preorder.  

Source & Photos: fabsugar.com, justjared.buzznet.com, zimbio.com

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