The Wonderful World of Chanel

What I wouldn't give to be in Chanel's little black book.
In celebration of 10 years in Vegas and the renovation of the brand's Bellagio boutique, over 200 guests were transported via private jet to Sin City.  The party began Friday night at the Wynn, where a 10-room installation called, "Numeros Prives: A Journey Through the World of Chanel"; which Cameron Silver described as 'the ultimate luxe fun house'.  Door no.1 opened to a doll house filled with Coco Chanel look-a-like dolls; another room was replicated to look like Coco's Paris apartment.  The most popular room featured an arcade, with a Coco Chanel vending machine.  Wonder if there were any 2.55 handbags in there....         

Source & Photos: latimes.comstyle.com

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