Tip for Tuesday: Packing 101

I tend to overpack. Like seriously overpack. I've recently vowed to never pay another airline baggage fee again.
I've gotten into the habit of writing packing lists. After returning from my last trip over the holidays, I went through the list and circled each item that I either didn't wear at all, or I only wore once (which are both packing faux-pas). The results were eye-opening! So I came up with some packing rules to guide me for future trips that may be helpful for all you over-packing offenders out there:

Luggage "Content" Rules:

1. Don't pack a hairdryer. It's heavy. It takes up too much room. And hotels usually have them onhand.

2. Bring clothes that are easy to mix and match into different outfits for day and night. And don't be afraid to (GASP!) re-wear the same outfit(s). On my last trip, I visited 3 different cities, spending 3 nights in each - and I brought outfits for ALL of them. BIG mistake. 3 day outfits and 3 night outfits were all that was necessary.

3. If your destination requires outwear, try to pick just ONE coat. And wear it on the plane if possible. It's just bulk and weight in your luggage.

4. Shoes. This may be in fact the hardest item to pack...I mean, HOW do you choose? How do you limit yourself??? TRUST me, I know. This is something I agonize over every vacation. But REALLY try to keep it to 1-2 pairs for the daytime and just one for nighttime...And wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane while packing the remainder soles facing outwards in cute little shoe bags.

Packing "Method" Rules:

1. Roll. Don't fold. My mom (who somehow ALWAYS manages to be right) showed me how you can fill in all the gaps/holes in the luggage if you roll your clothes. Folding leaves empty areas = wasted space.

2. Place your toiletries at the very top and separate your clothing from them with plastic sheets (I use the plastic dry cleaner bags).

3.  Zip lock bags are your best friend.
i) Toiletries. How awful is it to open your luggage after a flight to find that your shampoo and body lotion have exploded all over your things!?! Sometimes I even double zip-lock...
ii) Panties and socks. These are small items that you want to be able to find quickly. This keeps them centralized and easy to find. I also keep a small laundry bag to separate the worn items.

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  1. This is helpful!! If anyone knows how to pack a suitcase...it's you! ;)