Style Stalking: Taylor Tomasi Hill

I know I'm not alone when I say this, but I have a serious girl crush on Taylor Tomasi Hill.
Through admiring her style (she is all over my pinterest here) I have learned some valuable fashion tips.

1. Play around with how you tuck in your shirt. Untucked or neatly tucked are not your only options.
2. Score some A-MAZING HIGH heel shoes
3. Wearing black and white always looks chic. Especially in stripes and polka dots.
4. RECYCLE!!! Don't be afraid to wear the same shirt and shoes with a different bottom. Make it something new!
5. Wear skirts of varying lengths
6. Mix and match prints, patterns and fabrications. There are no rules!
7. Leopard print will NEVER go our of style. You can wear it with  more than you think.
8. Invest in a nice chain-strap purse. It will go a long way.
9. ACCESSORIZE!!!! Pile on the bracelets! Wear a statement necklace.
10. And most importantly, interpret trends into your wardrobe in a way that works for you.

Thanks Taylor! We know you have more to come. 

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